It all started in May of 2019. I’ve always had a passion for photography, but more so the darker side of photography. The decayed, rusted, left behind kind of photography. To me, the beautiful side of Urban scenes.

The first to start was my Instagram page, @styneimage_urbex which showcased all the cool pics I found while exploring urban locations. Then it became a community. A place where people all over the world who shared the same passion for abandoned started talking, and liking what I was posting. And now it’s become a place for everyone to contribute their urban, decayed, beautiful photography.

Next came was a new page, @styneimage_nature where I started showcasing my dark, moody nature pics. This too turned into another community for people all over the world to share their dark nature finds.

Who knows what the future holds for Styne Image. Hopefully a constantly expanding community full of beautiful decay and dark moody nature.

Hi. I’m Laura Bailey. Amateur photographer based in Ontario, Canada. Also the Owner/Moderator for Styne Image on Instagram.

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